Against the backdrop of the most challenging business environment of the 21st century leading organisations have had to radically transform their supply chains to survive. 

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NOV 2021 


Read our Guest Article Series on Supply Chain Driven Business Transformation, by Pat McLagan

The series tackles the transformational role supply chains are playing in businesses today, and the human and cultural changes that this transformation demands.

The first article in the series, Supply Chains at the Tipping Point, addresses how a new era of Supply Chain is fundamentally shifting how businesses operate. Here, Pat introduces the key themes that will guide the series, touching on the scale and scope of transformational change happening  today.

The second article, 50 years Preparing for Cultural Breakthrough, focuses on the importance of the people dimension as a key facilitator to business transformation. Pat examines the evolution of culture and change capabilities over the past 50 years, which has readied businesses for this moment, The Tipping Point.

The third article, Can You Bend Organizations to Your Will?, delves into the shift in change management needed for a once in a century transformation. Here, Pat delves into the balance of investing in traditional approaches and those driven by the 4th Industrial Era, all in preparation for a future where ongoing transformation will be business-as-usual.

The fourth article, Ride the Supply Chain Train into the 4th Industrial Era, addresses the important form-to-function shift driven by the move to the 4th industrial era and the associated change in an organizations structure to better serve the value-stream. 

The final article,  Four Mindsets for Leading Transformation, is a practical guide to changing your mindset to become a change agent prepared for the shift to the Industry 4.0. Pat guides us through four big mindset shifts related to power, identity, sense-making, and change itself.