Panel: The Changing Role of the Supply Chain Leader: Balancing Technology, People & Processes
Date & Time
Tuesday, November 16, 2021, 6:00 PM - 6:35 PM
Nada Sanders Stephan Gotthardt Dunc Lowe Douglas Guilherme Maayan Nissan

As supply chain operations become increasingly data and technology driven, the remit of a global supply chain leader changes in order to ensure that their supply chain is keeping pace with change and leveraging technology where possible in order to improve performance. Finding the optimal balance of technological investment and improvement of existing processes is a challenge that will define the long term success and viability of a supply chain. In this session we will examine this relationship and weigh up how important it is to be preparing for an exclusively digital future vs the process & people priorities of today. 

  • Convincing your CFO- talking their language to secure investment 
  • How to achieve proof of concept? 
  • Successfully running transformation pilots
  • When isn’t tech appropriate? 
  • Balancing the demands of the future with the necessities today
  • Building a complete understanding of technology on the market
  • If you’re switching new technology on, which old technologies are being switched off? 
  • Creating a transformational framework enabling teams to fail quickly and move on