Panel: Creating Circular Supply Chain Processes - Strategies Beyond Sustainability
Date & Time
Friday, November 19, 2021, 5:35 PM - 6:10 PM
Deborah Dull Jay Koganti Aline Casagrande Frances Edmonds Kelley Hinds

Circularity is growing in recognition as companies adapt to find new innovative ways to source raw materials more sustainably and create less waste (especially in terms of virgin plastics). However, circularity, if employed strategically, doesn’t just have to be a sustainability initiative. Companies are leveraging circular processes in order to build resilience by relying less on suppliers to provide the raw materials needed for finished products. Circularity can also be a value adding feature for customers who are looking to reduce their own impact on the environment. Circularity can be a strategic advantage if and when competitors are struggling from supply disruptions or paying high prices for raw materials and shipping costs. Finally, circularity at its most effective can massively reduce the costs of material purchasing and production. 

Join to learn how organisations are leveraging circularity to thrive today and into the future.