Full Name
Jake Barr
Job Title
Blue World Supply Chain Consulting
Speaker Bio
An acknowledged industry supply chain evangelist, Jake now serves as CEO for BlueWorld Supply Chain Consulting, following three decades of supply chain leadership experience at Procter & Gamble. BlueWorld provides support to a cross section of Fortune 500 companies, while also engaged in public health sector work with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. At P&G, he led the design and delivery of an E2E (End to End) Planning Transformation creating control towers which now manage P&G’s business. He is recognized as the architect for P&G’s revolutionary demand driven supply chain strategy. He has experience in building supply networks across every region of the world. He currently serves as a Research Associate for MIT; a member of Supply Chain 2020 Industry Advisory Council; Member of Gartner’s Supply Chain Think Tank; Consumer Goods “League of Leaders“; and is a recipient of the 2015-2019 Supply Chain “Pro’s to Know” Award.
Jake Barr